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At Oncquest, we support the global endeavor to fight disease by incorporating cutting-edge technology. We provided full service of medical testing with complete range of routine and esoteric clinical testing services. Oncquest a leading Laboratory’s which brings together over Decade of clinical research expertise to deliver a unique service offering which combines the quality and experience of the West with the intellectual ability and tireless work ethic of the East. We ensure that all of the links in our service network are as strong as possible, allowing us to stand firmly behind our Pledge of Excellence.

The new laboratory is providing an important cancer research facility. We believe Expanded PTFE Gasket  in having the best minds working with us to build the future of Molecular Biology in India, and that by having the very best equipment in the world today, we allow our Human Resources to work to the best of their abilities. Our Visionary leadership, strategic associations with other leading laboratories across the country, strict ethical policies and a penchant for technology are some of the reasons OncQuests India’s largest laboratory chain. Our laboratory will tailor treatment to individual patients, giving them the best chance possible. Oncquest's new, technologically advanced clinical and research laboratories are fully equipped with molecular technology allowing for rapid advancement in the complex fields of Pharmocogenomics, proteomics, companion diagnostics, bioinformatics and biomarker studies. We are established using state-of-the-art equipment and gold standard operating procedures


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