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 The housekeeping service checks the toilet and changes and replaces the old items with the new ones every morning. They love to eat and visit and winter brings them the full satisfaction of doing so. Some of them are given below-Hospitality The staffs of this resort are very friendly and helpful.In our previous article, we have read about some of the amenities which are provided at this resort in Susunia, such as the rooms and the food. Moreover, journey to Susunia is smooth with the development of the roads and adjacent areas. Their generosity is unique and genuine. Susunia, situated in the Chatna subdivision in Bankura district is quite common as it is nearby and not that expensive. The lucid hot springs and the mysterious stone inscriptions are the things which have elevated this place to a level of beauty and dignity.

The authorities of Suvam hotels have established a good resort in the Susunia hills. Their mission is to satisfy you from every aspect. Though, the amenities depend on the quality of the rooms you have chosen. Susunia has many hidden treasures in its chest and the lavish green forest which has surrounded these hills, has given these hills an overwhelming beauty.Transport to roam aroundThe resort in Susunia can provide cars, bikes and cycles if required. In this article, we will discuss about some other facilities that are offered at this resort.Selecting a picnic spot for your winter adventure tour is a very common thing Bengalis do. Once you book a room in this resort, they provide you everything you need.            . The non-AC and cheapest rooms have plain and simple washrooms with less facility, while the lavish AC rooms have all the conveniences and comforts in the lavatory such as the geyser, the bathtub, towel, bath robe, bath shoes and many things more. From the manager and the front office staffs to the housekeeping employees, every one of them tries to content you on the basis of your demands and requirements.

The quality of the toilet actually rates the resort.The washroom and the lavatory A sojourn can’t be better if these places are not satisfying. If you want to visit a little far away, then they can always organize a car or gypsy along with a proficient driver who knows about the region. They have certain places in their visit list and generally seek them out whenever they plan for a picnic trip. The visitors want a clean and tidy lavatory with all sorts PTFE Rod of facilities. You can always ask them to arrange a good shuttle service.Such place definitely requires a good resort which should be packed with all kinds of latest services.


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