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 The plumbing & firefighting course contains a very detailed syllabus, which provides the student an in-depth knowledge of the field. To prepare the individuals in fulfilling this need, the plumbing & firefighting course has been designed. The demand for the plumbing and firefighting specialization has increased significantly in India due to the great boom in the real-estate sector of this country. This module contains topics like plumbing system fundamentals, plumbing codes and standards, piping system in firefighting, plumbing isometrics, vent pipes in plumbing and firefighting, and much more.

Other modules of this course are plumbing and firefighting designing, post-designing of plumbing and firefighting engineering, plumbing and firefighting engineering software. With the development of real estate there arises peripheral needs like plumbing and firefighting so that the safety and security of the inhabitants can be maintained.. The students are also introduced to live projects, where they are expected to work on the plumbing and firefighting aspect of any two of the following buildings: shopping mall, residential, hotel, office. What is left of the course is the firefighting component and it consists of topics, such as fire protection system, fire extinguishing system, fire alarm systems, storage of flammable materials, and so on. One of the modules of this course is plumbing and firefighting engineering system. The plumbing designer is responsible for designing water efficient firefighting designs, water supply PTFE Sheet Company  mechanism, and design of storage facility for firefighting equipment. The course is divided into various modules and each module contains a number of different topics.

The plumbing & firefighting course, as the name suggests, has two major components. The plumbing component with aspects like water distribution and drainage system, water efficiency, waste water treatment process, and so on. For creating an efficient plumbing design, the designer must be aware of the various technical fields, such as mechanical, civil, and chemical engineering. The plumbing and firefighting course has become a highly desired form of specialization, especially for individuals who have already completed their mechanical or production engineering course. In almost all firefighting course, the plumbing system is included and the primary reason for this inclusion is the overwhelming importance of plumbing in influencing the outcome of any firefighting design.


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